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How the Wiser Thermostat System Works

Wiser combines smart wireless heating controls with simplicity to bring you an altogether easier, better and wiser heating solution for your home.

A multi-room solution

Wiser is made up of three key parts; room thermostat, radiator thermostat, and the app. These are all linked by the brains of the operation – the Heat Hub. You’ll only ever need one of these and it comes with whichever system you choose so don’t worry about that. 

You can build your system as you go and tailor it to your personal needs.

Start with your room thermostat for central smart control… 

The Wiser Room Thermostat enables you to wirelessly control your heating from anywhere in the world via your smartphone with the Wiser App.

Then add smart radiator thermostats for multi-zone control...

Wiser Radiator Thermostats provide room-to-room heating control, the ability to set different temperatures and schedules in each room. Add up to 32 devices for ultimate comfort.

And add Wiser Plugs to schedule electrical appliances

The benefits of the smart plug are two-fold, set schedules for your electrical appliances for complete convenience and extend your system's signal range.

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Why not ask us to add a Wiser Smart Thermostat to your existing central heating system, or as part of a new central heating installation.

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