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Benefits of Home Renovations and Extensions

After a while, even the most perfect house can begin to feel a little stale. Maybe your family is getting bigger, or you’re thinking of selling, or maybe you’re just bored with your current set up. Whatever your reason for wanting to renovate or extend your house, going through and doing it can have a multitude of benefits for now and for the future. 

Increasing Space and Function

Renovations and extensions provide a huge opportunity to both increase and improve the space in your home. Whether it’s knocking a wall out or adding an outdoor space to extend what you already have, renovation provides you with the solutions that can make your home the best that it can be. 

Extensions can provide extra bedrooms for growing families; they can provide new spaces with beautiful features for natural light; storage can become a joy instead of a hassle with smart storage solutions. You are in control of what you do and you can personalise your renovation plans to fit your style, taste, and needs, making your home even more of a personal sanctuary for you and your family. 

Adding Value

Did you know that renovating or extending your home massively boosts its market value? By increasing the size of your home you also increase its value. An older house with a newly renovated kitchen has the edge over all of the other similar houses, and an extra bedroom is always an enticing feature for young and growing families. 

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t planning to sell just yet. Quality renovations that utilise the space in the house effectively and help it to reach its potential will always add value to a property. Renovated houses will always sell faster and for more than unrenovated ones. 

Saving Money

Renovations and extensions are cheaper than selling and buying a house. Maybe you’re settled in your home and like the location but you aren’t as in love with the space and how it looks as you once were. If you don’t want to move just yet, or at all, but you are in need of a change, renovating can provide you with just that. Did we mention it saves you money in the long run too? 

Unlike selling a house, you don’t have to deal with legal fees, estate agents and all of the other expenses that come with moving. While it may seem initially costly to renovate or extend, the money saved in the long run by staying in your home can be put towards improving it instead.  Furthermore, renovation is an investment. Should you want to sell in the future you will have already done all of the work to increase the value anyway. 

Ready to Renovate? 

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