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Drayton launches new Wiser Plug

Drayton, part of Schneider Electric, has unveiled the latest addition to the Wiser range – the Wiser Plug. When inserted into an electrical outlet, the Wiser Plug allows homeowners to remotely control any appliance that is plugged into it, using the Wiser Heat app.

What’s more, the Wiser Plug also has a built-in range extender enabling connectivity to devices further away from the Heat Hub. This is ideal for larger homes and multi-floor properties, helping the signal to reach connected devices such as Wiser Radiator Thermostats.

Integration with the Wiser Heat app means that any appliance plugged into the Wiser Plug can be synced with features such as Away Mode. Scheduling is easy, with the ability to set up to 8 events per day, 7 days a week.

Set up is simple too, with commissioning via the Wiser Heat app. As it’s a buildable system, there is the ability to add up to 10 plugs – either all at once or individually over time to spread the cost.

Users can remotely set schedules for each plug via the Wiser Heat app from anywhere in the world, or if the user is at home they can utilise voice control for extra convenience.

This is thanks to Wiser’s integration with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which allows appliances plugged into the Wiser Plug to be controlled using verbal commands.

Mikael Eliaeson, Product Manager at Drayton, said: “The launch of the Wiser Plug is a huge milestone for us, as it broadens our Wiser range to control other home electrical appliances, not just heating.

“For those already using Wiser it’s a great add-on product, or if a customer is considering ‘going smart’, the selection of affordable products available in the Wiser range make it a great option.

“Our research shows that over half of all Wiser customers would be interested in the Wiser Plug, so it’s an easy upsell for installers too, with quick and easy installation.”

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